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Truth Love & Freedom Are the Same Thing: But Mean Different Things to Different People


I haveย had another more personal GoFundMe it isย was dedicated to the spiritual science research involving are Evolution being prevented & My Education to support my Budding Ministry. While it has a societal view, it is a personal goal of mine.


This GoFundMe, this is what really matters. It might be a little dangerous because you can never control or understand the black market, but who cares there are children, people’s mothers- enslaved, robbed from where they were.

When you see all these stories about kidnappings trafficking the knee-jerk reaction is fear, is anger, is sadness. These things are knee jerk because they are subconscious.
Don’t get me wrong these are very awful scary sad things what I said about the knee-jerk reaction thing though is if this behavior of trafficking humans benefiting powerful people is done on purpose then our emotive response is the intention that takes our power away.
I’m convinced in this crazy world, no matter how difficult no matter, how short I fall sometimes, only Sovereign Freedom Behavior honoring- for the lack of a better phrase- Universal Law, is a direct answer to the barely heard murmur of something isn’t right about this world or living Our Lives.

What I’ve been discovering is spiritual sovereignty is based on where you are energetically responsible for your thoughts for your actions for the things you vocalizeย & following through on them, that’s energetic responsibilities. Energetic responsibilities with communication without distorted subconscious projecting or energetic burden of another. And possibly the most important aspect of it all not interfering with another’s free will.

Allowing Personal Freedom; Free of Harmful Intention & Action. The truest form of sovereignty I’ve ever discovered.

I’m not asking everyone who’s reading this that they must look up Law of One practices, and become Versed in Universal Law of the Spiritual Maturity definition. If you didn’t feel receptive or resonate with this story, doing that wouldn’t be very Sovereign.

(For the curious however- Law of One Practices๐Ÿ‘‡)
But if the thought of (any) children/Mothers/humans (heaven forbid one’s own child/mother/partner) being sold into slavery is a terrifying possibility to even begin considering- I humbly ask, if it comes to you, if you can invoke it, find your courage to continue reading with me. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
A lot of amazing parents and supportive loving friends are not understanding that it was no fault of their own. Because the truth without polarity, is there is not a single thing you could do to prevent the extensive planning and terrifying amount of capital and monetary energy that goes into successfully enacting this horrific nightmare.

Yes I hope my personal fund gains the money that would really set off the success of my empowering research and my budding Ministry.
>>>(Links to ministry/research AND this Cause, found at the bottom of Post)

Yet nothing is more important to me than freedom. Real Freedom where you are self responsible so not even property of whatever country’s government therefore not systemically wrung dry and considered Capital to begin with. So all these criminals, hurting fellow human beings- because they are human beings too, they were radicalized by governmental policy and prevented from getting certain human needs. No thanks to scarcity that would not exist without purposeful interference.

Therefore the Government wins a sick Power draining game by creating (and/or being) the violent criminals, then the civilians are taught to always be fearful because the intermittent violent disrespect of their Free Will and physical safety causes powerful beings to lay down to fear.
How would you be able to control or submit bright, Cooperative, loving people to a dark, profit based division, system that could only function and run off of hatred?

You couldn’t.

Sovereignty brought me to another principle and that’s Unity consciousness. I lovingly understand it is not my ego I need to destroy or ignore I can allow it to exist transcending it. That led me to the non “manufactured consent” idea of needing to stop thinking about only the success of myself. I live to be in service to others because it’s the ego that tells you look out for yourself, or take care of yourself first.
That is the will of the ego we’ve all been taught & grown to obey.
From the deepest depths of my Confederate, freshly awoken Soul-

I would love to raise money to buy human beings off of the black market and I would then set them free.

Link to the GoFundFreedom:


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