Nazareth, Sacred Shadow Ministry

New Spiritual Template: Spirituality MUST Empower



The illusion of separation, speculatively– could be the true reason the Roman government murdered the ultimate Spiritual Empowerment Advocate. Because history does everything it can to silence sacred knowledge he died promoting. Not to mention the fact that gnosis meaning truth/Christos meaning Spirit… it was Rewritten. It was denied. But Jesus and his Gnosis, resurfaced last century (1940’s) and it got written off as “heresy”. The thing is though, the sacred information isn’t hidden anymore!

Sophia means Wisdom. Including ALL experience & that is sacred and holy- compared to the polarized view of:

  • Right 🆚 Wrong
  • Good 🆚 Evil

I am beginning to discover this polarized view is intentionally instituted into people’s lives. It is cruel & abusive programming that leaves people subconsciously feeling unwhole and it also subconsciously interferes with people accepting themselves or others. They invalidate each other because, barbarically, Society insists on it being noble.




Be sure to lovingly practice energetic responsibility!

Beware of interfering with another’s free will- ❗especially❗ do not enburden others with not dealing with

  • your thoughts
  • your feelings
  • your actions
  • your speech
  • your happiness.


Yet do not be fearful! Always remember to remind others if they project the above listed- onto YOU, declare sovereignly that you have NO accountability for THEIR energetic responsibility.

That kind of projection is what I aim to- by example- render obsolete.


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