Encouragement, Sacred Shadow Ministry

Empowerment thru Unity

Ministerial Empowerment of Others.

To empower others in sacred acknowledgment & upholding of unity consciousness.
My soul yearns for a way rationally and in ways of sanity, explain polarity integration involves acceptance of Shadows.
Not encouragement of Shadow Self ways, but as in not punishing Self twice for existing in a human way.

That is how I intend to diffuse rage and it becomes simply irritation. And calming despair into maybe a brief moment of sadness and the differentiation of the mildly irritating and only slightly sad are-

They were given space to Exist. Their Truth of Existence were not rejected.

The reasons the Beasts Rage and Despair exist is the opposite of Sovereignty, Rejection, Polarity, and Critical Judgement (Sovereign = acceptance, neutrality, non-judgement respectively)

I incarnated with no other purpose then to set Souls free
From the enslaving grid of mind and body

  • To reject the mind/body (I became aware of my tendency to falter this way) is to reject God
  • To succumb to the numbing lie of mind/body control is also to reject God.

Imagine the shock that awakened my Soul when I realized one could suffer the latter at the same time as the former.

By Empowering others, I honor God, & myself.

Grounding and modernizing this ancient knowledge is my request of being frontlines of the intergration of all that is sacred.

Everything not of God is Wisdom. Yet Wisdom is *STILL* of God and this paradoxical truth is the gift of Immortality.


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