Encouragement, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Using Dark To Understand Light

Shame & Hope

There is something modern society does not afford people, & that is the space to be themselves. If people cannot, handle certain things this leads to frustration, sadness & anxiety. Of course in this lowly vibrating dense reality, most cannot.
People, I’ve noticed are very filled with toxic shame.
Guilt is when you are sorry for what you’ve done, and it is a natural reaction of energetic consequence.
Shame is a monster.
Shame, however, can be eased and banished. Because shame is feeling sorry you exist. Not, “sorry for yourself pity party”, but let’s hit the control alt delete sort of sorry for yourself. Or apologizing for sharing verbal expression. There’s so much- the list goes on and on.
My Ministry, my Sacred Shadow Gnostic Temple,
aims to give people time and space to experience whatever polarity they seem to attach to,
while being encouraged to integrate.
We are all fractured, compartmentalized. Longing To Be Whole, although this feeling comes through as always something else.
There is hope, & anyone who tells you that there is none, doesn’t want you to have it.

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