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Musical Alchemy

⭐|Music Alchelmy|⭐
🌈|Sovereign| &
💕(Vol 1)🐾(Reformatted)💕

Gonna dive right in. I’m obviously parodying societal validation of expectation & demand



(Starting 2 lines before the first Chorus)

Nothing changes
if your soul dies

where do you go
when you finally know
how do you relight your flame
when your cold
why do we dream
when our thoughts are enslaving us

& surrender’s the cure to control

Don’t Let Me Down-


(A Fantastic Alchemical Demonstration of the Energetic Burdenment of EXPECTATION)

The Chainsmokers

I’m grateful
I’m grateful
I’m grateful right now

yeah I’m grateful right now

so I won’t let you
won’t let you
won’t let you down

I think I’m finding my mind now

it’s in my head
darling I know
that I’ll be here
when you need me the most

so I Won’t Let You
Won’t Let You
Won’t Let You Down

Won’t Let You Down




Verse Chorus Verse-


(1st verse & Chorus💓)

Every side is sacred
No one has to win
feeling so empowered
think I’ll look Within
Sacred meditation
Til My Soul feels full
every side is sacred
got out of my hole

The grass is greener
without fear
you’re the thought that
I’ll make clear
Reinventing what we do
Redo history make it true

Sovereign reason
to not place blame

it feels so good
To BE again





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