Galactic Resonance, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Using Light To Understand Dark

Twin Flame, Delta Type 3 Contract & Immortality

I realized I had grown over many incarnations, this life experience only being one vehicle and my Soul’s experiences being a whole parking lot full .

Because I found the other half- Part of me-While I still can be whole;
Epanding in basically the same way the universe continuously and ceaselessly does.

In so much love, truth, & search of growth that my Soul had pulled so far away from the other End Of my Soul it must have split in two!

And I met what isn’t me, but was made from me- portrait of my signature of energy!!

It is expressing itself in reverse- yet is exactly me. That is what my Beloved is to me.


Because my consort and I have such a celestial higher conscious relationship, my friendships tend to be deeper, soul uplifting experiences. Not many in all reality, but when genuine- platonically fated!

There are people twice my age looking for the inner peace I’ve stumbled across! That’s why I am blessed with deep intimate but very respectful and platonic friendship!

By helping the Planet’s Soul Ascend, our purposeful coupling will be able to also help Humanity do what we are being prevented from obtaining…. Micro/macro Polarity integrate Heaven on Earth.
Yet our culture is barbaric, because we are all at the whim and mercy of our negative ego.

The deeper I look into the difference between soulmates and my one twin flame,

the more my past- painful & full of people treating me like a scapegoat all of that- stops being painful.

The only way we can have Heaven on Earth is if we remember we came from “Beyond Before”.

Before anger, control, greed, shame- all these things that were orchestrated By Eugenics and perpetuated by Archronic involvement in Humanity’s Evolution prevention Consciousness oppression.
All of that just to steal our energy.


So panning my view back in that scope
(Which really means Subject Change!)
I found there were more specific manifestations of human incarnated identity.

I learned about the different types of Indigo’s.


Type 1 heal the Earth.. Goodie Gaia Deserves it!

Type 2 heal others.. No shortage of work there {/snark}

Type 3 has a contract.. Whoah whoah.. A Contract?! Like Purpose? Like preincarnated promise?! Why did I feel I needed to dig deeper, to check “just in case” I wasn’t Being Authentic I might be able to help..

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Reading on, it detailed a mission to return to the higher Consciousness that came before Genesis and Adam and Eve.


Higher Consciousness beyond our five senses and this material world.

Differing soul origin and recentness of relocation from states of consciousness, specifically from physically holding a higher vibration.

Prevention/suppression whatever interference is the only reason that makes sense pre & post August 2017 Solar Eclipse how I was going without seeing some of this information despite how long this galactic information has been available-

It’s truly against all odds.

This higher vibration can be cultivated by not being of having rigid five sense using limited 3D consciousness.

I stop looking at it like punishment I understand it was about growth, it was about understanding.

But only from the sense of all we’ll ever be & my soul’s Immortal consciousness, could I even begin to become able to understand what purpose is.

I feel the knowledge about Starseeds Soul Origins being beyond the solar system, validates every Injustice I felt I ever went though.

I’m starting to remember Origins beyond what people consider the beginning. Eternal things such as the part of us they try to hide from us don’t have a beginning!

That is the very fact of our Immortality!


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