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Soul Projects Vol 1

🎉Introductory Projects🌐

This is the part of the Ministry’s website were you truly can get involved!

Here will be the updating activity to passionately engage and involve all those who this site’s message speaks to. Thank you for being here!

Those who “Extra Credit” it, can have a chance to be 🎉Featured📷, either showcased on the ‘Temple’💒 Homepage or on the “Rainbow of Our Shadows” page, specifically dedicated to My Site’s Follower’s submissions!

⚠Important:⚠ Be sure to dedicate a folder/notebook ect to record all insights Shadow Work provides, or the gain of conscious awareness can easily disappear!

Project: Meet Your Shadow Excersise 1
You may or may not have access to an open-minded nonjudgmental friend. In case you do, obtain their help!
Ask them to help you uncover one positive and one negative trait about yourself (you were unaware of).

Meditate on this pair to recall connected instances where you behaved accordingly in the ways of the newly discovered traits.
Tah-dahh, you just raised your consciousness!

Extra Credit:
Using the page “Your Voice Will Be Heard” via site menu, submit your initial reaction to the combination of both positive and negative traits/connected experiences and how they strengthen what you already know about yourself!
Project: Meet Your Shadow Excersise 2
In regaining personal power & practicing nonjudgmental acceptance, the freedom from claiming duality in entirety, also raises consciousness. Inner conflict can be embraced in the fantastic tool of understanding the paradox of human behavior.

In this excersise, self reflect to connect to three paradoxical facts of your personal nature!
A little inspiration of personal paradoxes, if you resonate with any- snag it!

Extra Credit:
Submit via “Your Voice Will Be Heard” page, a poem honoring one or all three paradoxes

The largest & honestly hardest goal driven project👇
If more people wanted freedom in the world, than the few who don’t, & the fewer still who willingly would submit to slavery, when will our world ” Leaders ” start being held accountable.?

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