Alchelmy, Encouragement, Using Dark To Understand Light

Blessed are the Persecuted

A very personal battle of mine lately, is the manipulation and Unsovereign belittlement declaring my competent self unworthy of being a mother.

All things that are false have no power. However, a lot of false things have usurped power, via anger and/or fear.

I can not place blame, my energetic addition of being a coward regarding the situation- is of my influence. This non-sovereign pattern is not just years old, but truly a life long offense.

Thru my alchemical dedication, thru conscious non destructive intention, I free myself from the enslaving self sabotaging Victim Mindset.

I am Empowered by Spiritual Maturity, to honor the genuine urge to transcend & reconcile any & all conflict.

I will & I do.

Transcendence & Reconciliation are magickal tools available to all who wish to use them to create a peaceful win-win world.

Re: Persephone Luna RebelKatt

My pen name/alias may confuse those who know me in actuality. Those who knew me before I cleared all external influence from my personal discernment.

I will explain here the significance & importance of this Moniker.

Persephone has been my Patron Goddess since my early adolescence!

She is, the Wife of Hades. That sounds Ominous & not admirable, but only to those who refuse to look deeper than the thin vaneer, as a lazy selfish habit.

In Greek mythology Persephone, goddess of the Soul, is the possessor of its dark and frightening wisdom. But the goddess Persephone is also the harbinger of spring . . .  and a reminder of all the Growth and Hope that it brings. 

The Persephone abduction part of the myth is viewed in rather Saucy undertones from a materialistic material world view & vision.

Well an illuminating metaphysical explanation is- there was no actual “Rape” & the abduction was to what the Greek Underworld symbolizes: “Our individual & the Collective Sub/Unconscious”

Digging Deeper, I Feel her Strengths & Weaknesses nail my Realized Self Perfectly


  • Her consciousness is diffuse, taking in all, rather than focused.
  • Has difficulty saying “no” and recognizing and asserting her own boundaries.
  • She may unconsciously attract destructive relationships or potentially controlling partners.
  • As an unconscious protective measure, she may choose a safe alternative in a younger, non-threatening partner whom she can mother.
  • Difficulty explaining her reasoning as it is an intuitive perception.
  • Easily overwhelmed by feelings and impressions from her unconscious.


  • Her receptivity,
  • intuition,
  • empathy toward the suffering of others,
  • her keen powers of imagination,
  • inspiration,
  • ability to read the hearts and minds of others.
  • Persephone, once matured through her own inner work, is the guide to the Underworld

The true irony of the first listed weakness, a personal definite, is that it’s by focusing on the bigger picture can I finally gain focus. By taking it all in the details consume me.

Ending with Personal Resonance Descriptions that are Meaningful to me


The Scribe
The Scribe records information about people and events so it can be preserved. Much of the work involves copying information that is already available rather than being free to express personal opinions or develop an individual style. (Guess that makes me the Annotating Scribe)

Shadow Scribe uses the information for their own benefit, distorting facts to suit to support their own ideas. Shadow scribe may also claim other people’s work as their own. (Conscious so Intend to differentiate between reference/resource & my rambling haaaa)

This Goddess Archetype may relate to you if you enjoy compiling information as part of your job or even as a hobby

The Nun
The Nun is characterised by her intense devotion and dedication to her path.
Their work requires great focus and includes not only spiritual paths but artistic and business pursuits.
The Nun chooses celibacy to conserve energy for her vital work.

Shadow Nun is removed from everyday reality, introverted and self-righteous.

The Nun represents a total devotion to your work. This is the area of your life where you expend all your available energy.

If this is your Archetype you run the risk of becoming isolated and losing touch with friends and family.



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