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MultiFaith Gnostic Testimony of Jesus of Nazareth: Letter to Modern Churches

Actual Letter👇

I was raised Celtic/Egyptian witch, yet meditating on Gnostic Mysteries I became authentically involved in accepting Jesus Christ of Nazareth as my personal savior.

I was shocked that he began helping me find my missing DNA, and let me know he was the 12 strand template a holy representation of humanity’s actual full spiritual identity potential. Our current heavily non consensually modified DNA lays dormant.

I’m glad to know him and I’m saddened to discover through him- that the Roman crucifixion was actually a satanic ritual sacrifice, enslaving Humanity to the horrors of (orchestrated) religious violence. Which is very far from Our Creators alignment and intention.

Jesus was censored, he is a part of the SOPHIA Christos consciousness and the YIN-yang of the balance of all that is.

Christos literally means Spirit
We were all forced to forget Sophia stands for Wisdom;
Wisdom is literally all The Souls of every incarnated Consciousness that is not God.

He told me that I could still be a witch!

That a true Christian moving towards our prevented Evolution, it involves spiritual polarity integration. That leads to accepting God’s divine Universe unconditionally.

This involves forgiving and unconditionally loving the metaphorical aspect of Lucifer.

The Schism and division
of the polarity of

Invented shame as a weapon of control.

And that Gnosis inspired my savior Nazareth, before- in extensive effort- his mystic controversy was silenced starting in 400 AD.

Regardless of the descending authoritative uncomfort, it was HIS truth.
Ironically Gnosis means Knowledge or
Divine Truth..

I am deeply Disturbed that the are many many churches in modern day, but is it just in the movies, is it just historical reference, that the house of God-
It was meant to be open at all times?

A place to go for Refuge, to meditate to pray.

Yet in modern times if it isn’t Sunday or Wednesday at a very specific designated time, God’s house is locked… And they have all sorts of “modern excuses” for why it is not available to us like how it was before.

The Condemned fiery fate of my Pagan ancestors was the rejection of God’s creation. For the polarity of “perceived bad” when God does not see good or bad.

It is.
All of everything is.
There is wisdom in what is perceived as bad, and that the
right/wrong, good/bad,
Paradigm of judgment, shame, and control is basically telling Christos, Our God, that the wisdom He created is only half true.

The truth is, it all is, the labels were
Invented and created
when it was supposed to-
he didn’t stutter-
be Unconditionally Loved
not the condition if
It is “good or correct” enough.

This is not so much a theological question as so much a spiritual invitation to discussion

(Referring to the religious organization claiming to “make thinkers believe and believers think”, I still remain unreplied to)

I realize he really meant
Blessed are the persecuted.
Instead of being bitter for my
Pagan roots and our genocide
I just want to embrace my Christian
Brothers and sisters.

🎯Those who have ears should hear.🎯

Through Our Savior,
We understand that manipulation through fear shame and religious violence,
We miss the fact his Ascension is available to us Biologically
And we are His Second Coming.

This Available Heaven is accessible through engaging in an energetic synthesis of Polarity Intergration.
Subconsciously allowing polarization
Is sanctioned distortion.
Self responsibility through
Nonharmful/nonpainful Infliction
Restores Personal Freedom.
This can become instrumental
In creating Heaven on Earth together.

Be Blessed

What you seek, is seeking you also
👑Rumi 👑

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