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Nazareth: Unjust Murder of Empowerment Specialist

The only race is human race, 
we are each other.
Enjoy this spiritual post
Jesus was murdered by his government. (By the Romans)
and had his adolescence and young adulthood ⛔destroyed/hidden⛔ in censorship efforts
Because behind his compassionate words he was empowering us, 
reminding us of the power 
(Christ is a title potentially earned) 
And the Romans, 
amongst others firmly in power, 
minimized the sacred knowledge- 
& added fear and economic slavery 
to a few selected truths to subdue our potential.. 
We became oppressed in acceptance of false authority.
! In fear ! 
We can not endlessly 
  • love, 
  • understand, 
  • patiently forgive. 
(God’s true Image, not He in ours) 
In fear- we exploit ourselves, 
yielding to their(the tyrants) control. 
Jesus of Nazareth is my hero because EVEN in the face of death, 
he continued to let people know they could not only heal themselves 
but also & especially others…!
Entire industries would collapse if people like Jesus 
(or even us today) 
preached towards dismantling the military industrial complex.
Instead, choosing to encourage sustainability/durability 
over consuming/profit…. 
Indeed these industries would collapse, 
but abundance and prosperity would reach far and wide 
eradicating violent non consensual behavior
Acknowledging our Inner Deity 
given to us by our intelligent designing creator 
would make harming each other blasphemous……. 
We all combined are Him (Her/MotherFather/YinYang etc) 
Not acknowledging/embracing 
our positive powerful co creator status 
has been orchestrated 
(purposely organized)
by those who oppress/exploit.
Anything encouraging Fear Is not from God.
✳The condition of :
and demands✅
of not lovingly finding Truth in any other way 
but the 
Fear based✅ 
potential crushing✅
 formulated way✅,
makes conventional organized religion’s 
claim of understanding 
unconditional love 
Therefore, because God’s unconditional love is always true 
& almost all of Christianity preaches salvation upon condition… 
One has to be true 
The other false…. 
And I will never doubt God.
I am not a human having a spiritual experience- I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 
I will continue to expose the lies & explore our differences 
to make the world changing difference.
Higher power, Our Creator, The Source…
Many names, because being born we literally know the entire truth- 
but to meaningfully purposefully self actualize.. We must forget.. And we do.
In accidentally forgetting celestial mystical truth, & learning false system preserving indoctrination purposely forgetting and reteaching yourself is the cure.
The gift in remembering, is the reason we’re alive.
Namaste — 
the Christ consciousness in me
recognizes and loves 
the Christ consciousness in you ✨✨✨
Written-June 17 2017 // 
Edited and finalized: September 5 2017
Posted in Realm of Soul: March 9 2018

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