Alchelmy, Nazareth, Sacred Shadow Ministry

Prayer Request for My Eternal Soul for Pain Release

I’ve discovered me
Starseed aching to set Gaia Free
Unfortunately Ascension Involves
Descending Divinity

From analyzing my Intuition I discovered I am a Spiritual Scientist & i accepted the Divine Mission of Polarity Integration. I have realized this makes my purpose humanity’s avenging messenger, clearing barbaric blame & suspicion, from a society that validates anti human principle.
I just noticed the guideline of no links but this article scared me & made me angry but has spiritual context to my pain release,
I assure you its not spam.
View at
God Doesnt Want us to Externalize Him. He Exists Within. the hopefully unremoved article has defied my service to others- a Christ Like Principle in my Embracing of Alchemical Transmutation of Negative Energy into Love or Peace.
Ordained in December Via Universal Life Church I Pray with you and I pray God Sovereign Freedom Cosmic Christos Begs us to Evolve.
I pray The Law of One To Christ & God Within Me Almighty:

Law of One
Unity Consciousness
Love Yourself
Love Others
Love Earth
Service to Others
Expansion of Consciousness
Responsible Co-Creation
I pray to release this pain I refuse to repress or deny or aviod
I pray Our Intelligent Creator craft me to be useful
I pray Christ thru the Millennia passes his grit & truth of healing & reminding others they too are Creators & Healers too.
I Pray every time i Use My Eternal Intention, it benefits others and/or thru temperance My Intention is Fortified
Invoking in deepest love Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s Name

So may it Be


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