Energetic Responsibility, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Shadow Work

Micro-Macro: Locally & Society

Sooo. Everyone has flaws & many instances of failure.

Macro(as above)

These statements, based on personal opinion or feelings, are difficult to refute objectively and are the most challenging to encounter. All it takes is someone willing to voice their “judgment” for the accusation/condemnation to have its goal- power and control over another.

As Judged by/Condemned/Criticized by others

Micro(so below)

Self-sabotage is not an act, it’s a process, a complex, tragic process that pits people against their own thoughts and impulses


I used to be

  • highly subconscious,

  • hostile

  • & destructive.

Its not that hard to claim energetic responsibility for previous non conscious action, & unintended outcome caused by apathy.

When Intention is not purposely refreshed (constantly)
In every moment of the Present that we live in
(& is the foundation of what the Present is)


The Negativity that is dwelled in
is a direct Creation of Consequence
because of the Comfort found in Pain

(& the ABSOLUTE refusal to evolve!)

Negative people are driven by fear. They would Rather in Contempt of Claiming their Subconscious responsibility, enjoy exploitation & enslavement with knowingly or not their Conscious Controlled by Ego, instead of allowing the magickal formula of mercy & compassion delivering an irrevocable inner Freedom.

I know that a lot of my social circle distrusts yet associates with each other….. FORMULA FOR DISASTER !


When People’s THOUGHTS WORDS & ACTIONS don’t add up— there is always an element, whether innocent- but more likely not, of deception.

Society Validates & Encourages this.

And if I have anything to do with it, it will end.


Freedom requires mercy & compassion. Without specifically those two things, the archetype of our co-enslavement is willfully continued.


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