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| Consciousness etc |

Sometimes the biggest struggle I have, is to convince my Consciousness to remain in my heart! Because it’s like pulling a kid, that’s holding onto the edge of a door frame- an edge of anything- trying to get me out of my head…..

Sometimes in conversation I will notice the sensation of it literally going thunk & Landing back where it belongs

& then sometimes I have to hold my hand on my chest to will it there..

You have so much power! We all do. When things aren’t going quite as we micromanagedly expect, us wanting things just so, prevent us from receiving something beyond what we could imagine- and our best interest… We instead end up relying on perceiving limitation from the lowest vibrating aspect of reality.

While not accounting for Beyond our five senses to stare down limitation, regardless of all things seemingly against your intention, is the only thing that will bring your intention to you.

Subconscious doubt sabotages a lot of people’s belief in vibrational law.

Vibrational law associates closely with the Law of Attraction.

What you feel and think is what you experience

And impatience is a display of control by giving things whether openly, transparently, or silently and expectantly- a deadline.

So people will think that they are holding a certain intention while their varying levels of undealt with subconscious is truly running the show…

My Ministry’s mission statement is to allow acceptance to permeate every aspect of my life.
To practice Psycho-Spiritual maturity by accessing subconscious influence over my thoughts speech and behavior!

I remember this without 👀referring to my website😊 because I remember the difference between MISSION and VISION 🐾

Mission describes what is done in actuality.

Vision is what describes what the mission done in the long-term could accomplish🙏


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