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The Alchemy of Anxiety

The Spiritual significance of the affliction of anxiety,

is the refusal to live in the present moment.

We turn to the obscure English branch of study, Etymology, to Alchemically understand a freeing truth.

Everyone assumes (or thinks) Psychology is the study of the mind, when in truth Psyche means Soul. Breaking it down

590A.D. psyxḗ (from psyxō, “to breathe, blow”

which is the root of the English words

“psyche,” “psychology”) – soul (psyche);

In every fleeting moment of now, the Soulful control of Mind & Body is reachable via Breath.

What Does This Have To Do With You?!

Well I’m willing to go out on a limb & declare the finding and clicking on this article, may mean you suffer whether a little or a lot from anxiety yourself.

You may or may not understand the modern significance of Alchemy. But that’s fine! Instead of having to do with the (seemingly) impossible task of turning lead into gold, it has a more sweeping implications in everyones Realm of their Soul!

The Key for the Alchemy of Anxiety, is Empowerment of the Divine Ruler You are (or for those unbelieving/in denial, Can Be)

Take back the Kingdoms in Your Soul Realm, & you transmute (bad input=good output) Forceful Anxiety into Rightful Soulful Power. It takes Courage to not only admit, but to affirm, Life is possible. Yet making that leap of faith is the only way it can become all the potential  that you deserve! Defeating your anxiety is secondary to the fact you weed through all subconscious belief. Conquering the at best inconvenient, but the more often crippling, mind control based affliction of, in its most simplest form, fear, is a side effect of regaining control of Your Kingdom.

Based on the chart right above:

Which FORCEFUL level/emotion/life-view haunts you the most deeply?
What POWERFUL level/emotion/life-view would best rightfully replace it?


1 thought on “The Alchemy of Anxiety”

  1. In encouragement, I leave my own soulful response.

    While I struggle with the FORCEFUL emotion fear, the nuance of the prompt asks of the one that deeply haunts…. That would be guilt. The emotion & life view blame and condemnation respectively are most familiar extroverted or projected yet my deepest haunting reverses them, causing them to turn inward- causing me to be when unsure/insecure to be hyper self-critical.

    The best POWERFUL replacement seems to be (for me at least) Joy. There would be nothing to criticize (Condemnation) within me if my life-view of myself was complete instead. The destruction of guilt could transfigure blame into the peace of serenity!


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