Alchelmy, Energetic Responsibility, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Using Light To Understand Dark

Soul Report: New Insight In RebelKattResearch

Evolution’s Energetic Prevention:

Understanding the Sabotage
Leads to Transcending the Expected Exploitation

Most who are


😰fearful/anxious, and/or


tend to see societal progression

as non-existent ….

or as



In my earnest intellectual pursuit

of 🔎 investigating

>>EVOLUTION<< prevention,

💡I’ve discovered:


The very reason it is so powerful

Is the *energetic* patterning 🔁

that keeps it firmly interwoven,

& 🤔unchallenged,

in the very fabric of our lives.


Furthermore, 😴

the corrupted oppression

of the many, 🗑️

To benefit the few 🌀

has been


normalized, 🙄

very much so like

the oblivious proverbial frog,

justifying the not yet boiling water 🐸🔥

that will ultimately be its (PREVENTABLE) end. 📉

Looking at the common understanding

of Our Potential Fate,

leads directly to

📌Reflecting on a 3rd option

that inefficiently remains unconsidered.


So instead of the “False Light” Utopia🃏

obsessed with external >>EVOLUTION<<

Or the Omnicidal & Brainwashed 🤯

Those who refuse to let go

(sabotaging self-fulfilling prophecy)

Of the Notion that is >>DEVOLUTION<<

[Both which are Biased opposing views- ⚖️

refusing to allow itself (or each other) to be WHOLE]


Sovereign,  Neutral, Conflict Resolving , Tranquil Trinity excitedly



as a SOUL-ution to the orchestrated biased energetic imbalances that in no way benefits the very people it inflicts.

In all conflict- whether the conflict is

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

the warring ideals of said conflict

tend to be POLARIZED. ☯️

Being blinded by bias

leaves no (true) regard for compromise.

Relief from polarization and destructive biases can be found in >>INVOLUTION<< because it is the name for the concept of Inner Growth.

The only comforting freedom of Inner Growth has only one catch, and that is caused by it being a non-observable inward process.

The required condition to receive its support, is a genuine and urgent desire to seek it!

I am grateful for the awakened action-oriented awareness of Solar Apprenticeship compared to last year’s Initiate initial absorption of theory.

Theory still plays a large role, but application of Theory makes it truly come alive !!


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