Encouragement, Energetic Responsibility, Galactic Resonance, Using Light To Understand Dark

Ego & Duality

No one gives two Flying Hoots about ending spiritual abuse that is validated through societal expectation.

No one cares that the 97% of junk they call our DNA, is our Immortality, Our Eternal Soul.

Our Chakras are connected to Our Endocrine system, it governs our emotional balance & it’s purposely being thrown off & tampered with.

On top of that, our DNA emits light (energy). At a subatomic level, we are light.

Combined with the magnetic Chakra column in our spine, this creates Our Electromagnetic Field. You probably know it better as Our Auras.

Our Inner Divinity has a lot to say about ourselves being our Son, which it is easy for me to understand that as a metaphor for the belief in ourselves keeping/keeps us alive.

You could say like the Sun in the sky would keep a crop alive.

Constant Conscious Consideration is the only path to our freedom from unhealthy Ego’s infliction. 

However, especially for anyone striving toward Spiritual Completion, Our Ego (Latin root: 1st person-Self) was never meant to be destroyed.

For that is both concept & a reality of rejecting and turning away from yourself.

Yes, The Ego becomes destructive when it takes over and gives Our Soul no room to breathe or exist.

Yet rising above the polarity of destruction versus surrender, the non-advertised yet so desperately needed 3rd option emerges.  

That glorious option is Acceptance.

Conflict only exists in biased polarities. Neutrality leads to the dissolving of conflict.

Feel Free to Comment:

What is a duality/polarity YOU enjoy about Yourself?
What is a duality/polarity YOU dislike about Yourself?



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