Alchelmy, Energetic Responsibility, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Using Light To Understand Dark

*Ra Ascends:: **Sulfur & ***Mercury

Our Physical Bodies

Somehow between our minds & souls, we as a race let our bodies get in the way.
For those who feel that statement doesn’t quite nail them, I assure you indirectly- Yes, it does.

People let the whole “ vehicle “ aspect smash directly into, then directly past the guardrails of trusting oneself.

laotzu1They seem to, in sad societal subconscious fashion, allow themselves to become “hijacked“.

That, or crazier still “hijack“ THEMSELVES in the energetic pattern caused by those- while no longer necessarily near, their signature of uncaring patterns/habits linger.

Our DNA & the Return to Higher Perception

Why do I write about the effects of what none of us TRULY want? Simply, I learn best by comparison/contrasting/differentiating.

The complexity that lingers throughout everything/anything I write- and considering humanity’s situation/potential/unknown as well, I believe solutions are there tangled up where no one has the patience to continually look.

This complexity is not a bad thing if it is perceived as a simple complexity.

Complicated Complexity is in retrospect what kept me barely awakened yet not activated in Soul discovered & led Purpose.

What an eerie shock to have something that wasn’t my mind/body answer me, surrendering to the idea *I* myself may not know my purpose, but my Soul might.

Just as all life is sustained by Our Sun, I without any doubt, know the solar eclipse of August 2017 widened my galactic perception that sustains my growth of my soul.

The Star of our Solar System is:

the Sun!

You would be shocked, and I’m meaning jaw hitting the floor dumbfounded, how many people when prompted, DON’T KNOW their solar system’s Star.

Truly- whether known or acknowledged-

that makes us SOLAR beings.

Well, conventional science has the wool over all of our eyes about the  “smallest” unit of measurement being the ATOMbluedna.jpeg

“Subatomically”  DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides. They naturally fluoresces (glow, shine) !

we are nothing more than light particles (that are moving really fast!) We truly are SOLAR beings !

(The Spiritual Scientist in me would like to point out Genesis’s 1st man
which could be a symbol of our conscious fall into the density of the material from higher perception *also known as Eden)

Soul Science re-birthed my immortal intention into my physical mortality.

August 2017’s Eclipse
has SOMETHING to do with
Post-2012 Mayan Calendar.

Specifically I believe, Planet wide Solar Ascension.


ra sun.png
Egyptian Sun Reference. Sun = Self.






In Alchemy, Air + Fire “Soul”







In Alchemy, Water + Air “Spirit”


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