Encouragement, Galactic Resonance, Sacred Shadow Ministry

Illusion’s Actuality

beginningThe metaphoric birthing of Evolved Galactic Understanding of Our Immortal Souls, gives way to Our Deserving new Dawn.

The spread of Seeds of Awareness blossom explosively into Fruits of Freedom.

The growth from this celestial sunrise over crops of collective consciousness results in the rediscovery & reclaiming of divine origin. Our Suppressed Potential, *Our Divinity*, being revoked is why **true, non-harmful Freedom** remains elusive.

Introspection that delves past Illusion’s superficial shallow surface pulls the charade of corruption’s acceptance into simple shocking clarity.

Allow yourself to consider, even if only momentarily, if *directly* asked, would you

  • justify or
  • detract from:

> The seemingly accepted enslavement, particularly economically, the forced obedience of the self elected, leading to the **exploitation** of society (the many) to **profit** and to the benefit of only the most powerful (the few)?

The evil that collectively used to justify our free will in many cases being invalidated in the name of

> Our supposed leaders & their paychecks,

with no surprise or doubt, is created and continued by the very people claiming to be against & prevent such evil.

"Our Knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance." -Will Durant
Becoming Conscious & Multidimensional, transforms YOU into an Oasis in Humanity’s favor 💗

> See more about False Flags & **US Govt Classified Experiments on their OWN Citizens**

Our dangerous dependence on the deception of “Mortality’s established definition” is all around us.

The destructive delusion is perpetuated through Our “5 sense acceptance” of mechanic artificial time.

Accepting Mechanic Artificial Time **ALWAYS** leads to depression & anxiety. Apathy & Fear, respectively.

Empowerment Deterrents

Depression = Apathy
Anxiety = Fear
Apathy + Fear = Giving Up Personal Power



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