Your Voice Will Be Heard

⊕If it is the status quo/normal for you to feel like spirituality involves submitting to the higher power instead of finding it within you, you are not alone. The purposeful misdirection from inner to External is an energetic power grab. Modern-day Vampirism.
⊕If you feel like authority figures have control over your life, and to be yourself risks punishment in more morally judgemental legislative areas-
⊕If at every turn metaphorically and/or literally you sense being marginalized/dismissed/invalidated/contradicted, please don’t give your personal power Away by protecting yourself with apathy and things like returning the same energy.

This planetary shift has inspired me to reach out to those who feel like they have experiences that are unexplainable or unbelievable.

Because every experience is still personal truth, without explanation or belief.

It is not attention-seeking or any other negative attribution to feel fantastic from being validated!! So on this page I have provided a form for you to be able to submit whatever/whenever you please.

Such reasons to submit communication including- but not limited to:

  • Any questions involving Shadow Self (the parts of ourselves we are unaware of /knowingly or not repress/deny)😈
  • Any questions involving multidimensional aspects (ascension, chakras, 3D🆚5D, etc)
  • Any questions, like at all, Curiosity is a top 5 core value of mine always encouraged😸
  • Site ideas for projects/contests/ events- online or Sw Virginia locality💡
  • Sermon responses if I forget to add commenting to posts, lol📝
  • Personal experiences of ascension or sacred examples of Shadow Growth lessons.💭💬
  • Shadow Poetry🎭😈🎯
  • Whatever your Sacred, Complete & Whole Self feels like💕💕💕



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