Alchelmy, Nazareth, Sacred Shadow Ministry

Prayer Request for My Eternal Soul for Pain Release

I've discovered me Celestially Starseed aching to set Gaia Free Unfortunately Ascension Involves Descending Divinity From analyzing my Intuition I discovered I am a Spiritual Scientist & i accepted the Divine Mission of Polarity Integration. I have realized this makes my purpose humanity's avenging messenger, clearing barbaric blame & suspicion, from a society that validates… Continue reading Prayer Request for My Eternal Soul for Pain Release

Alchelmy, Nazareth, Sacred Shadow Ministry, Shadow Work, Using Dark To Understand Light

Nazareth: Unjust Murder of Empowerment Specialist

Jesus was murdered by his government. (By the Romans)  and had his adolescence and young adulthood ⛔destroyed/hidden⛔ in censorship efforts  Because behind his compassionate words he was empowering us,  reminding us of the power  of our INNATE POWER