The Temple

😈Welcome to my Soul🌞 driven Ministry🌈

💚 Sacred ShadowSelf Ministry’s Temple is a website

💙 That describes the aspect of our selves that is developed & made healthy thru Awareness.

💜 It also is a site that

💚 Encourages the sharing of genuine thought in a completely nonjudging atmosphere
💙 Especially about all things dark & difficult during the sacred process of transmutation.

🃏Everything You Repress or
🃏are Unaware of about Yourself-
🃏& Everything You
🃏& Criticize
about 🃏Yourself & Others🃏

Hopefully you are finding everything okay, and are excited to:

  • Begin to see
  • Maintain
  • Enhance

The peace and freedom of your Inner Power!

Its especially important not (thru anger, apathy, or fear) to give that power away! 💥

Your Soul🌐
Your Inner Divinity👑
Brought you to this page.
I hope if any clarification at any point is needed- that you feel comfortable dropping by

“Your Voice Will Be Heard”,

the contact tab of the Site Menu.
Looking forward to everything
have to add to this:

  • World-changing
  • Life-shifting
  • (long overdue!!)

Understanding of how to treat each other!

The non-acknowledgement of energetic responsibility, has spiraled out of control.
This devastating spiritual immaturity burdens others heavily with EXPECTATION & ATTACHMENT.
Unfortunately, those two are also the main factors involved in human suffering.


😅🏆Neutralize & Be Featurized 😅🏆
Any Soul Projects submitted w/ or w/o extra credit & excellent Polarity integration insight or poetry.. posted Here- Homepage Temple!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All submissions not Posted here, can be found Lovingly Displayed in Hopefully what becomes the 👇

🌈Rainbow of Our Shadows🌈 👈

👆 👌


12/14/17 Official Initial Ordination Statement

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